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Croatia 2017

13 May 201726 Nov 2017

The “Horizon of Expectations” at the Croatian Pavilion presents artists Tina Gverović and Marko Tadić. The project is shaped as a double solo exhibition and it’s based on the production of new artworks, developed specifically for the pavilion. Structured as a fragmentary narrative, the exhibition explores the temporary character of the display space bringing together two artistic positions that deal with issues of uncertainty, tension or collapse, and how they relate to different conditions and contexts. In their works Tina Gverović and Marko Tadić engage with conceptual procedures and subjective imagination inscribed in spatial and temporal discontinuities. The space is arranged in order to explore structures of exhibiting and the perception of the observer, articulating its fluid, almost performative character of moving through space. As a self-reflexive gesture it is a form of colonising the space. Avoiding a fixed narrative depicting certain content, the exhibition instead takes part in creating a series of gaps, ruptures and interrelations, pointing to renegotiations and fractures as places of potential transformation and imagination.

Using different media, painting, drawing, installation or text Tina Gverović creates works in the form of disorienting installations that engage with the space, territory and identity, and how these concepts are bound to imagination. Her images are fluid and fragile, oscillating between different conditions. In Phantom Trades: Sea of People” an installation based on paintings and objects, she continues to explore processes and accumulations, history and materiality, bodies in transit, as moving masses or geopolitical entities.

“Events meant to be forgotten” by Marko Tadić is shaped as an installation including slide projections, film and drawings. It is based on a series of projected images and vintage imagery – found slides as found images intervened on by the artist with drawing and scratching.  Staging a narrative between document and fiction, Marko Tadić unfolds a series of haunting visual sequences of obsolete remains and suspended time, a panorama oscillating between history, memory and future projections.

Borrowing the title from H. R. Jauss’s reception theory the shifting “horizon of expectations” points to a platform of common experience, knowledge and understanding of things, framed by renegotiations and uncertain possibilities of identification.

Written by Branka Benčić, Curator of the exhibition, for My Art Guides 

  • Branka Benčić, curator of the Croatian Pavilion at the 57th La Biennale di Venezia Branka Benčić, curator of the Croatian Pavilion at the 57th La Biennale di Venezia

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