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Denmark 2019


11 May 201924 Nov 2019

Title: “Heirloom”
Curator: Nat Muller

Commissioner: The Danish Arts Foundation: Lisette Vind Ebbesen (Chair), Peter Land, Jane Jin Kaisen, Charlotte Fogh and Søren Assenholt
Artist: Larissa Sansour

“Heirloom” features works by Danish-Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour. Working through different media, Sansour creates pieces which draw inspiration from the science fiction imaginary, revolving around memory, history and identity as key elements. The creation of science fictional worlds allow Sansour to experiment with imaginaries and future scenarios, in which individual experiences and collective narratives intertwine. For the Danish Pavilion the artist presents a two-channel science-fiction film, entitled “In Vitro” and staged in the town of Bethlehem decades after an eco-disaster, an architectural intervention and a sculptural installation. The latter reproduces on monumental scale an object from the film, to further explore its protagonists’ vicissitudes.



  • Pavilion of Denmark, Larissa Sansour/Søren Lind, Pavilion of Denmark, Larissa Sansour/Søren Lind, "In Vitro", 2019, Courtesy of the artist. Photographer: Søren Lind

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Larissa Sensor, Nation Estate still.Photo: SFF by Islamic Arts Magazine

Larissa Sansour


Nat Muller

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