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Estonia 2018

Santa Maria Ausiliatrice

26 May 201825 Nov 2018

Title: “Weak Monument”
Commissioner: Raul Järg. Curators/Exhibitors: Laura Linsi, Roland Reemaa, Tadeas Riha

Estonian Pavilion curators, Laura Linsi, Roland Reemaa and Tadeáš Říha, explore the spectrum between the explicit representation of the monument and the implicit politics of everyday architectures: from the triumphal column to the pavement beneath it, through all that is inbetween.
The title itself –Weak Monument” – is an oxymoron, a rhetorical device that offers fresh perspectives on how to recognize politics in any built form.  Located at the edge of Via Garibaldi, between the Biennale venues of Giardini and Arsenale, the Pavilion of Estonia – “Weak Monument” will transform the rooms of the former baroque church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice (Fondamenta San Gioacchino) that offer remnants of a monumental yet decadent spatial symmetry and hierarchy.

  • Estonia 2018. Weak Monument Estonia 2018. Weak Monument

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Destination: Venice
Where: Santa Maria Ausiliatrice
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Estonia opening

Destination: Venice
Where: Santa Maria Ausiliatrice
Type: Party
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