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Japan 2017


13 May 201726 Nov 2017

Hiroshima-based artist Takahiro Iwasaki  presents Turned Upside Down, It’s a Forest”. The show features a selection of three-dimensional works, made by everyday objects such as towels, books, and rubbish. The major characteristic of his works is the elegant and fine handiwork he uses to turn these common materials in something unique. His pieces are composed by motifs depicting old and new buildings in a costal region of Japan, created with the most traditional Japanese technique of the “figurative representation”.

  • Japan Pavilion, Giardini, Venice Biennale 2017 Japan Pavilion, Giardini, Venice Biennale 2017

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Destination: Venice
Where: Giardini
Type: Opening
Admission: By Invitation Only

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The Japan Foundation


Giardini - Castello Venice, Italy