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San Servolo Island

09 May 201522 Nov 2015

Personal identity is formed at birth through our relationship with others and the environment where our existence takes place, and from these relationships mostly depend the elements that constitute our uniqueness.

The artist, more than others, instantly understands its importance and is even more driven to interact with the surrounding world. The value of our own identity is a direct consequence of the quantity and quality of the experiences accumulated over time as well as their complete awareness. Throughout our entire existence, what we do is the result of a process that, for better or worse, might also be defined as creative.

The world is slowly yet inexorably conforming, and the possibility of maintaining a relational specificity is being increasingly questioned. It is no longer necessarily consistent with the environment, history, or culture in which it is formed.

As of April 30th 2015 the Kenyan Pavilion has withdrawn its participation to the 56th Venice Biennale.

  • Li Zhanyang – The Jesus Christ in Huangjueping, 2006. Li Zhanyang – The Jesus Christ in Huangjueping, 2006.


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San Servolo Island Venice, 30170 Italy