Venice - National Participation

Seychelles (Republic of) 2019

Palazzo Mora

11 May 201924 Nov 2019

Title: “Drift”
Curator: Martin Kennedy

Commissioner: Galen Bresson
Exhibitors: George Camille and Daniel Dodin

The exhibition “Drift” features the projects by George Camille and Daniel Dodin, occupying two adjacent rooms. Camille’s installation recreates a tsunami made of white paper, which conveys subtle messages on the way in which modern audiences, as media consumers, acquire and perceive information from them. Dodin, on the other hand, merges archival films and new materials to tell of the journey of the ordinary Seychellois through a sequence of daily events. The work addresses questions related with fate and determinism, historical exploitation and a lack of individual (and collective) power.



  • Daniel Dodin, Daniel Dodin, "Mouvman Lavi Film 2", movie still

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Martin Kennedy

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Destination: Venice
Where: Palazzo Mora
Type: Opening
Admission: By Invitation Only

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