Current Exhibitions

26 Jan — 21 Apr
Contagious Cities: Far Away, Too Close, co-produced by the art and heritage teams of Tai Kwun, explores the psychological and emotional dimensions of disease and contagion, particularly in relation to people...

Upcoming Exhibitions

An Opera for Animals

Para Site
23/03/2019 — 09/06/2019

Past Exhibitions

Angela Su: The Afterlife of Rosy Leavers

Blindspot Gallery
20/05/2017 — 08/07/2017

Sailor Neptune Part II

12/03/2017 — 31/05/2017

Time Test: International Video Art Research Exhibition

CAFA Art Museum 02/07/2016 — 28/08/2016

The Human Body: Measure and Norms

Blindspot Gallery
05/12/2015 — 06/02/2016