Martin Cordiano practice delves into how space signify us and in turn how it is signified by us. He aims to renegotiate cultural agreements involving the comprehension of our surroundings through absences, limits and encounters. He understands space as a malleable matter  with a narrative and a memory, a transforming ability and the possibility to lay across language, subjects and time. Rather than defining space, he questions its meanings, using the construction of space as a metaphor for language construction. He explores the contradiction between our seemingly dynamism and the rigidness and static condition of the places we inhabit through fragments and symbols, aware that the sum of parts can be bigger than the whole.

Martin Cordiano
Martín Cordiano
Buenos Aires, 1975

Solo Shows

“Espacio de Uso”, Walden Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Common Places”, Galerie Knoerle & Baettig, Winthertur, Switzerland .

“Provisional for Life“, MPA Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

Group Shows

“Playhouse”, Open House, Argentine Ambassador’s Residency, London, United Kingdom.

“My Buenos Aires“, La Maison Rouge, Paris, France.
“Space intervention”, Obrera centro, DF, Mexico.

“On Site”, TAP Temporary Arts Project, South End-on-Sea, UK.

“Mom am I a Barberian”, 13th Istanbul Biennial, Istambul, Turkey.
“Bursary Awards”, Royal British Society of Sculptors, London, United Kingdom.

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Buenos Aires Country of birth: Argentina Date of birth: 1975 Lives in: London
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