Luiza Crosman is an artist, writer and researcher on institutional dynamics, context production, modes of circulation and observation and subjective agency. Her work often involves positive feedback loops, using recursive systems referring back to a given original event. This is expressed across drawings, text, installation and workshops and in the interest of visualizing how things are in movement, and so constantly reproducing or producing new possibilities within the future. Crosman is currently focused on the visual concepts surrounding speculation about spaces, collectivity and mega-structures.

Luiza Crosman
Rio de Janeiro, 1987

Solo Shows

E Eu Via Quase de Perto, Despina Largo das Artes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Campo em Linha, Casamata, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Group Shows

Times to Reflect On, Jozsa Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

ArtContest, Vanderboght Building, Brussels, Belgium
Bestiário, CCSP, São Paulo, Brazil
Métalangue, ISELP, Brussels, Belgium
Hearsay, Greylight Projects, Brussels, Belgium

Summer show, Gallery Silvia Cintra+Box4, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

43º Novíssimos, IBEU Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dupla-boca, Candido Portinari Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Double-Mouth, Bergen Arts Academy, Bergen, Norway

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Rio de Janeiro Country of birth: Brazil Date of birth: 1987 Lives in: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
W: Luiza Crosman M: T: +55 21 9996 20657