Current Exhibitions

Donna Huanca: Lengua Llorona

Copenhagen Contemporary

22 Mar — 01 Sep
American-Bolivian artist Donna Huanca is having her first large solo exhibition in Scandinavia, the first performance-led commission at Copenhagen Contemporary. During the exhibition period, visitors have...

Past Exhibitions

Glow Like That

K11 atelier, Victoria Dockside, Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong 16/03/2019 — 13/05/2019

Strange Messengers

Peres Projects
14/09/2018 — 26/10/2018

Donna Huanca: Lengua De Bartolina Sisa

Travesía Cuatro, Madrid
24/02/2017 — 29/04/2017

Donna Huanca: Scar Cimbals

Zabludowicz Collection
29/09/2016 — 18/12/2016