Thomas Jeppe earned a Masters Degree in Visual Arts from the Victorian College of Arts and an Honors degree in Cultural Studies from the University of Melbourne. Recent shows include: Asian Aquiline, Sketch London (2014); Lost in Connotation, Conradi Hamburg (2014); Picture Movement, Utopian Slumps Melbourne (2014); Chateau Plais, The Duck Berlin (2014); Canary Comfortable, Die Diele Zurich (2014); Compass Trouble, Curro & Poncho Guadalajara (2014); Abstract Journalism, 032c Workshop Berlin (2014); Spring Revue, Utopian Slumps Melbourne (2014); Driving Fast Nowhere, Polansky Prague (2013); Primavera, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney (2013); Wet on Wet, Weingrüll Karlsruhe (2013).

Thomas Jeppe, Perth, 1984, Australia
Thomas Jeppe
Perth, 1984

Current Exhibitions

Spiral Arms


09 Jun — 06 Jul
Positing an approach to artistic practice via literary methodology, Longtang presents the collective show Spiral Arms. With newly commissioned works by Sarah Chow, Thomas Jeppe, Shaun...

Past Exhibitions

Thomas Jeppe: Cabrón Footprint

04/02/2019 — 05/04/2019


Clarastrasse 13 13/06/2017 — 18/06/2017

HAUS#99 [last days]

Neuweilerstrasse 99 07/06/2016 — 19/06/2016

Thomas Jeppe: Gypset Purgatory

13/06/2016 — 18/06/2016

Solo Shows

Monastic Club Bulletin, The Community, Paris, France

Gypset Purgatory, Trikot, Basel, Switzerland
Neo Lad, Centre for Contemporary Art Futura, Prague, Czech Republic
Melbourne Shuffle, Utopian Slumps offsite Shoreham, Melbourne, Australia

Amateur Monastic, TG, London, UK
Der Spiegel, MJ Gallery, Geneva, Switezerland
Compass Trouble Again, Sazmanab Centre for Contemporary Art, Teheran, Iran

Mimetic Club, Residency, Melbourne, Australia
Asian Aquiline, sketch, London, UK
Lost in Connotation, Galerie Conradi, Hamburg, Germany
Picture Movement, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, Australia, (w/ Ry David Bradley)
Canary Comfortable (Special Islands Issue), Die Diele, Zürich, Switzerland, (w/ Garrett Nelson)
Chateau Plais, The Duck, Berlin, Germany, (w/ Th. Baldischwyler)
Compass Trouble, Curro & Poncho, Guadalajara, Mexico (w/ Th. Baldischwyler)
Abstract Journalism, 032c Workshop, Berlin, Germany
Abstract Journalism: Annexe, Comme des Garçons, Berlin, Germany
Spring Revue, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, Australia

Dame Nellie Melba Suite, Windsor Hotel, Melbourne, Australia (w/ Cyprien Gaillard)
Point.Counter.Point, EP, Austin, Texas, US (w/ Max Brand)
Seaside Vernacular, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, Australia

Group Shows

Schmaltz, Guimarães, Vienna, Austria
Umwelt Monde cur. T Jeppe, w/ Unsere Umwelt, The Community, Mercy Pictures, TG, Sydney, Guimaraes, Doc, Paris
Water Yump (cur. Benedikt Wyss), Kunsthalle 3000, Basel, Switzerland
Deus Sens du Decoratif (cur. Michal Novotny), CAC Passerelle, Brest, France

Les Bons Sentiments, 19th Prix Ricard (cur. Anne-Claire Schmitz), Fondation Ricard, Paris, France
Le Drap dans l’Halogene (cur. Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel), Paris, France
Umwelt Mode, Basel, Switzerland
Pink Moon Pink Wind, Mavra Paros, Paros Island, Greece
Truth Bistro, curated by Gabriel Lima, Kai Matsumiya, New York, US

Umwelt Inversion, cur. T Jeppe, Conradi, Hamburg, Germany
Unsere Umwelt, cur. T Jeppe, Haus 99, Basel, Switzerland
Gwaan Standup, performance exhibition series w/ Magic Steven, Melbourne/Berlin, Australia/Germany

Murdoch Scholarship, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
The Way of The Novel, The Oracle, Berlin, Germany

Fin, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, Australia
Associations New, SALTS, Basel, Switzerland
Bouvier’s Bedroom, Mathew, Berlin, Germany

Driving Fast Nowhere, Polansky Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Primavera, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia
Wet on Wet, Weingrüll, Karlsruhe, Germany
Self-Help, Rawson Projects, New York, US
Magical Signs: Exchange and Utopia, Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth, Australia

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Perth Country of birth: Australia Date of birth: 1984
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