Flora Klein’s practice consists primarily of non-representational painting. Her canvases, painted mainly in acrylic, are initially primed in either light or dark tones and are worked up from the ground through a process of layering. Beyond an initial base layer, colour fields and ‘strap’ like forms tend to constitute the work’s main formal ingredients. Klein’s canvases range in appearance from large to small format, with some works remaining light in composition and sparse in their application of colour, whilst others become densely arranged through a build up of multiple layers. Sometimes repeatedly overworked, the painted image can become reduced to mere surface. Klein’s work is characterised through stylistic shifts and differences. Therefore, collectively, Klein’s paintings avoid firm allegiance to any particular painting history; they concern themselves directly with a more unspoken language – that of the production of the abstract image.

Flora Klein
Flora Klein
Bern, 1988

Solo Shows



My Eyes, The Oracle, Berlin

Eine Hängung / A Hanging, Poggibonsi, Zürich


Marbriers 4, Geneva

VV, The Green Gallery West, Milwaukee
VV, The Ski Club, Milwaukee



Piper Keys, London

Group Shows


Le Bourgeois, 3236RLS, London

Stuttgart, organized by Lars Friedrich, Francesca Pia, Zürich

Undisturbed Solitude, curated by Chus Martinez, Kunsthaus Hamburg


The Way Of The Novel, The Oracle, Berlin

X is Y, Sandy Brown, Berlin

A Form Is a Social Gatherer, Plymouth Rock, Zürich


PLUGGS, Karma International, Zürich

Ausstellung, Galerie zur Matze, Brig

Courting Aporia, curated by Lola Kramer, Gerbert Foundation, Rapperswil

Blossoms Take No Prisoners, invited by John Tremblay, NOS, Tulette


Accrochage, Musée cantonal des Baux-Arts, Lausanne

Travelling Généalogique, Marbriers 4, Geneva


Tell the Children, curated by Françis Baudevin and Caroline Soyez-Petithomme, La Salle de Bains, Lyon

Mr.I / Flora Klein / Glow In The Dark, Graff Mourgue D’Algue, Geneva

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Bern Country of birth: Switzerland Date of birth: 1988 Lives in: Berin, Germany
M: florahklein@gmail.com