Edgar Orlaineta’s work focuses on the minutiae of everyday life, employing objects and ideas and transforming them into sculptural forms. Depicting from modernist design, architecture, historical and cultural symbolism combining parts into hybrid forms where modernist ideals and cultural perspective collide. Orlaineta’s investigations into modernist ideals praises both subject and form in modern art and design as well as the contradictory ideologies that are forced upon the work due a certain legacy within a larger historical/cultural context. Ultimately Edgar tries to direct our attention to the transformative powers of the everyday and its relentless aspiration for a utopian way of life. Rachel Gugelberger.

Edgar Orlaineta
Edgar Orlaineta
Mexico City, 1972

Past Exhibitions


Proyectos Monclova
22/06/2017 — 02/09/2017

Oficios e instintos II

Casa del Lago
25/06/2016 — 01/10/2016

Edgar Orlaineta: Muscheln und Schirme / Seashells and Umbrellas.

KaBe Contemporary
14/05/2016 — 15/07/2016

Solo Shows


Incantation, Flora Ars Natura, Bogota, Colombia (curated by José Roca)

The composing room, MARCO, Monterrey, (cutrated by Gonzalo Ortega)

A collection of Katsinas, Galería de Arte Contemporáneo de Xalapa, Xalapa, Ver.


Zona Maco Sur, Mexico City (curated by Juan Andrés Gaitán)

Domestic Conspiracy, PIRWI, Mexico City

Suspended, Miart, Milan


Totem after Ettore Sottsass, ZonaMACO Parallel Proyects, Mexico City (curated by Carlos Palacios)

La Historia, Ella Misma y Yo, Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City (curated by Daniel Garza Usabiaga)

Katsina Horizon, Bloom Projects, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara


Solar Nothing, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles

Group Shows


The Devil is in the details, KaBe Contemporary, Miami, Fl. (curated by Jesús Fuenmayor)


Registro no. 4, MARCO, Monterrey, N.L. (curated by Gonzalo Ortega)

El Hombre Invisible, Casa Maauad, Mexico City, (curated by Carlos Palacios and Andrea Torreblanca)

La desintegración de la forma, 9.99 Gallery, Guatemala City, Guatemala.


New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Craft and Art in Latin America,

Museum for Arts and Design, New York

Copias: transformación y evolución de procesos creativos, Archivo de Diseño y Arquitectura, Mexico City


Proyecto Basurto, Steve Turner Contemporary, Mexico City Forecast, Portals, and Several Monotypes, The 9th Bienal do Mercosul Porto Alegre,

Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil (curated by Daniela Pérez)

Black Tropicália, Museo Experimental el Eco, Mexico City (curated by Willy Kautz)

Un Mal Necesario, Bucareli 234, Planta Baja, Mexico City


Neo Natural, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles

Exhibitions: Santiago Borja, Edgar Orlaineta, Tilman Wendland, LA><ART, Los Angeles

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Mexico City Country of birth: Mexico Date of birth: 1972 Lives in: Mexico City
W: Edgar Orlaineta M: orlainetaz@gmail.com