Luboš Plny


Born in 1961 in Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic, where he still lives and works. He’s represented by Cavin Morris Gallery, New York.

As a child he was drawn to two phenomena : graphic art and anatomy. He used to dissect dead animals and in adulthood attended a number of autopsies on human corpses and passed a course in gravedigging.
After leaving elementary school he went into apprenticeship to learn electro-mechanics. There, as a boarder, he was subjected to a semi-military regime. He also had problems maintaining discipline during his military service, which resulted in his transfer to a psychiatric clinic. Consequently he began an intensive study of psychiatric and medical literature.
After 1989 he became a model at the Academy of Fine Arts. Luboš Plný signs all his works with a special stamp “Luboš Plný – academic model“.
His works in ink, reworked with acrylic, often contain organic materials : blood, hair, pieces of skin and even teeth. Its main theme is the body, that he explores in anatomical sections with multiple points of view. Despite a realistic precision, he sometimes decides to exclude certain parties, but always paies great attention to the head and genitals.

Plny Luboš
Luboš Plny
Ceska Lipa, 1961
Czech Rep.

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City of birth: Ceska Lipa Country of birth: Czech Rep. Date of birth: 1961 Lives in: Prague, Czech Republic