Rodell is a photographer, multi media artist and graphic designer whose works assume various forms in a process of exploration and rediscovery. He harnesses facets of new media, digital media and photography, creating unique patterns and projections that have become key characteristics in some aspects of his artistic production. Through his digital creations, Warner participates within a global framework of discourse about the nature of digital possibilities and brings unseen aspects of nature into view. How we see, think, and interact are brought into question as Warner seeks to reveal what is already there.

Rodell Warner
Trinidad and Tobago, 1986
Trinidad and Tobago

Solo Shows

The Most Corrupting Notion Ever Captured in a Dream, Alice Yard, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Articulate Spectacle, Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival & Arc Magazine New Media
Big Black Box, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Lil’ Sun, Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival & Arc Magazine New Media 2013, Medulla Art Gallery, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Rodell Warner at The Widget Art Gallery, “You Find Your Beautiful Body Waiting”, online at
Year of The Snake Eating Itself, Alice Yard, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Common Room: Observations and Comments on Public-to-Public Communication, Nirox Projects @ Arts on Main, Johannesburg, South Africa

Group Shows

Nature Reimagined, Davidoff Lounge at Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Ways of Something Episode 3 (traveling), Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA; House of Electronic Arts, Basel, Switzerland; The Photographers Gallery, London, England; Western Front, Vancouver, Canada; Vivid Projects, Birmingham, England; Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL; SAW Video, Ottawa, Canada; Ex Art Foundation, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Art Athina Film, Athens, Greece; Dreamlands, Whitney Museum, New York, NY

The Wrong (again): New Digital Art Biennale, BiWay Art Foundation Pavilion, online at

Float, Transformer, Washington, D.C., USA
Canopy Guild, NLS Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica
After Hours: DTV GIF Art Takeover, The Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Trinidad and Tobago Country of birth: Trinidad and Tobago Date of birth: 1986 Lives in: Trinidad and Tobago
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