TRES in an art research collective established in 2009 by Ilana Boltvinik (b. Mexico City, 1972), Mariana Mañón (Mexico City, 1988) and Rodrigo Viñas (b. Mexico City, 1980) in Mexico City where they currently live.

TRES is an art research collective that focuses on exploring the implications of public space and garbage, in particular, garbage as a physical and conceptual residue with political and material implications. Their projects draw upon different disciplines in order to generate processes and frameworks to ponder the aesthetic and social consequences of garbage. Classifications, physical descriptions, analysis of its biological residue, amongst others, are performed on the materials obtained out of their scavenging hunts. Unlike many contemporary artists who turn residual and leftover matter into works of art that will be engaged in financial transactions, therefore leading to the transmutation of its value, for TRES it is vital that these materials remain in their found state: garbage.

Mexico City, 2009

Past Exhibitions

Collectors Cabinet

Puerta Roja

Punk. Sus rastros en el arte contemporáneo

Museo Universitario del Chopo
26/11/2016 — 26/03/2017

TRES: Ubiquitous Trash

Puerta Roja
21/07/2016 — 10/09/2016

Ubiquitous Trash: Hong Kong Edition

Connecting Spaces Hong Kong
03/07/2016 — 11/07/2016

Solo Shows

Rough Fish, TRES, Normal Abandon Devices Festival, March, Manchester UK.

Transurification DTC-UR013 Collective Therapeutic Device, TRES, Fextival Transito MX_05, Mexico City.

Chicle y Pega TRES, Extende Studio, Casa Vecina, Mexico City.

An Informal Gaze and A Personal Matter, TRES, Vibgyor International Film Festival, Kerala, India, 12 – 16 January.

An Informal Gaze, TRES, Amsterdam Global City #2: Mexico, WCA World Cinema
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 14/08
The Act of Bringing Chaos into Submission, TRES, artists book in: “Tercera Edición” Carrillo Gil Museum, Mexico City.

An Informal Gaze, TRES, Metropolis Biennale, urban festival, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Group Shows

Ubiquitous Trash – Hong Kong Edition, WMA Commission (WYNG Masters Award Commission), roving exhibition Connecting Spaces, Puerta Roja Gallery, Mexican Consulate, Hong Kong

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Mexico City Country of birth: Mexico Date of birth: 2009 Lives in: Mexico City
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