Yanov has studied at the most prestigious centers of art education in Argentina: the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella/Beca Kuitca (2010­2012), the Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas (CIA) (2009­2010), Intercampos/Fundación Telefónica (2007­2009). He participated in OMI international dance center (New York, 2014). Aside from visual arts he has studied theater and contemporary dance techniques and choreography.

In pursuit of a broader conception of authorship, Yanov and three other artists working in different fields founded the Rosa Chancho art collective in 2006, which is one of Argentinaʼs most innovative art groups, focusing on performative and relational work.

Osías Yanov’s work merges objects such as moving metal sculptures and moving bodies, often integrating the architectural environment as well. The abstract and rhythmic sculptures he creates —which usually can take several different configurations by assembling and disassembling them— are meant to be activated by the presence of one or more performers who interact with or mimic their shapes.

The aim of Yanov’s work goes beyond issues of gender identity, although this is at its origins. He aims at reconsidering the body as a reservoir of meaning and trusting its ability to communicate it; an attempt to overcome what he perceives as the over­conceptualization of art, on one hand, and predominantly visual formal art strategies on the other. He is also interested in liberating the body from the influences of the hyper­sexualized contemporary pop culture, which ultimately trivializes the dissenting and transforming power of what emerges from impulses of the body itself.

Osias Yanov. Courtesy of Malba de Buenos Aires
Osias Yanov
Buenos Aires, 1980

Solo Shows

Osías Yanov, VI Sesión en el Parlamento, MALBA Colección Costantini, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

Desencanto, Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, sala Batato, Buenos Aires

Dinámica de encaje 2, Zavaleta Lab, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dinámica de encaje 1, galería Inmigrante, Buenos Aires


Group Shows

A Kingdom of Hours, Gasworks, London

Géminis-Vulcano, Mostro IV, La Fábrica, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
OII, Empujando un Ismo, Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires, Argentina
U_/-, Perfomatón, Museo de Arte Moderno (MAMbA), Buenos Aires, Argentina

I<>I<, Aquella mañana, Parque de la Memoria, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Doble penetración, Casa Encendida, Madrid, España

Caverna de la cola larga, III International Biennial of Moscow, Russia
Sopor, Últimas tendencias II, Museo de arte Moderno (MAMbA), Buenos Aires, Argentina
Premio Andreani, travelling exhibition, Argentina
Las bestias, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario (macro), Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Buenos Aires Country of birth: Argentina Date of birth: 1980 Lives in: Buenos Aires
W: Osias Yanov M: osiasyanov.datos@gmail.com