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1st Asia Biennial / 5th Guangzhou Triennial: Asia Time

4 years ago

In a world dominated by a global “World Time” awareness (the perspective of acceleration, speed, visibility, ultra-capitalism, knowledge production, and exhaustion) the first Asia Biennial/fifth Guangzhou Triennial focuses on a local understanding of “Asian time” (the perspective of tranquility, reflection, concentration, and emphasis on values and wisdom).

The first Asia Biennial/fifth Guangzhou Triennial runs from December 11, 2015–April 10, 2016, it not only intends to give an impetus to a topical way of thinking about time that comes from the arts, which may lead to a response to the crisis currently unfolding in the face of globalization and capitalism. The historical and current context of Guangzhou will also be involved as a starting point for searching alternative models and multiple perspectives able to better articulate the notion of “Asia Time.” Subsequently, new modes of thinking about Asia could emerge going beyond geographically and historically defined concepts. 

For the detailed program visit the website.

Donatella Taranto

  • Press conference, “Asia Time,” Guangzhou. Press conference, “Asia Time,” Guangzhou.