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Hugo Boss Asia Art Award 2015

4 years ago

Maria Taniguchi has been awarded the Hugo Boss Asia Art Award for Emerging Asian Artists 2015. Maria Taniguchi was selected from six nominated artists—including Guan Xiao, Huang Po-Chih, Moe Satt, Vandy Rattana, and Yang Xinguang, whose works are displayed at RAM from October 30, 2015 to January 3, 2016.

Larys Frogier, Chair of the Hugo Boss Asia Art Award jury, commented: “With the precious contribution of the Hugo Boss Asia Art Award 2015 jury members, we are extremely proud to reward the female artist Maria Taniguchi from Manila, Philippines. Her very singular, humble, but extremely focused practice of painting and video enriches the limits of media and raised a unique sensitivity of making the picture with infinite possibilities of meaning.”

“Her never ending development of brick paintings engages subtle dialogues and blurs the frontiers with sculpture, architecture, installation, offering the spectators a powerful experience of the physical, the geo-political and the mental limitations/extensions of the inside-out space/time representations. Her detailed video compositions of objects, architectonic elements, and color spectrums turn out the repetition and the familiar into a full practice of difference and strangeness. Maria Taniguchi solidly positions her work, without any compromise, into the context of Asia and international contemporary art.” commented Larys Frogier.

“We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to Maria Taniguchi, and to express our gratitude to the jury as well as the Rockbund Art Museum for their dedication and cooperation in this project,” stated Dr. Hjördis Kettenbach, Head of Cultural Affairs at Hugo Boss. “The award is an important part of our arts program and we are thankful to see how it is giving emerging artists a platform for their work.”

Donatella Taranto

  • Maria Taniguchi, Photo by Mark Nicdao Maria Taniguchi, Photo by Mark Nicdao
  • Maria Taniguchi, Untitled, 2015 Maria Taniguchi, Untitled, 2015

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