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2016 Hasselblad Award Winner – Stan Douglas

4 years ago

The Hasselblad Foundation has announced that Canadian artist Stan Douglas is the recipient of the 2016 Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography.

Stan Douglas has received international recognition for his powerful photographic art, as well as his work with video and film. His practice reflects carefully and poignantly on the history of photography and film, offering new understandings of the cultural and technological developments of both media. At the heart of his work lies a strong interest and commitment to social issues of race, gender, identity and post-colonial politics, whilst maintaining a valuable self-critical perspective on the role of the artist in contemporary cult.

The 2016 Jury, which submitted its proposal to the Hasselblad Foundation’s Board of Directors, consisted of Roxana Marcoci,The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Elvira Dyangani Ose, University of London, Florian Ebner, Museum Folkwang, Essen, Duncan Forbes, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur and Clare Grafik, Photographers’ Gallery, London.

The Hasselblad Foundation was established in 1979 under the terms of the last will and testament of Erna and Victor Hasselblad. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote scientific education and research in photography and the natural sciences. The Foundation’s annual international award for outstanding achievements in photography considered one of the most prestigious photography awards worldwide.

Elena Scarpa

  • Stan Douglas, View of the Stave River from Fraser, 1993 Stan Douglas, View of the Stave River from Fraser, 1993
  • Stan Douglas, Michigan Theatre, 1999 Stan Douglas, Michigan Theatre, 1999