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Alserkal Avenue Gallery Night: March 14th, 6pm

4 years ago

Dubai’s Art Season will drag in town a lot of flamboyant events, fairs and exhibitions.

The usual Alserkal Avenue Gallery Night is even more awaited this year: now that the Expansion is finally complete, we look forward to finally seeing the brand new look of the area and the many new art spaces that moved to Al Quoz.

On March 14, from 6pm on, most of the galleries and the art spaces will open their shows; on top of that, Alserkal Avenue offers a collateral programme of pop-up installations and shows and a series of artists’s talks ongoing through the week and open to the public.

Issam Kourbaj: Another Day Lost – Warehouse 59
Zahra Al-Ghamdi – Warehouse 59
Art Barter – Warehouse 60
RCA Secret Dubai

Artists’ Talks
Michelangelo Pistoletto, Marc Quinn, Mary Ellen Carroll and Athier

Exhibitions opening tonight
Abdelkader Benchamma: Unbearable Likeness – Isabelle van den Eynde
Seher Shah: the Lightness of Mass – Green Art Gallery
Athier: Machine Hearts – Ayyam Gallery Al Quoz
Safwan Dahoul: Still Dreaming – Ayyam Gallery Al Quoz
Sara Naim: When Heartstrings Collapse – The Third Line
Ghazel: Mea Culpa – Carbon 12
What Is It? – 1×1 Art Gallery
Nja Mahdaoui: Trance – Elmarsa
But Still Tomorrow Builds into My Face – Lawrie Shabibi
Yasuaki Onishi: Vertical Volume – The Mine
The World Meets Here – Custot Gallery
Birds of a Feather – Gulf Photo Plus
Fixing Nothing – Empty 10
Jean-Paul Najar: Vision & Legacy – Jean-Paul Najar Foundation
Elham Moaidnia: Welcome to the Party – Showcase Gallery

Claudia Malfitano

  • RCA Dubai RCA Dubai
  • Abdelkader Benchamma, Paréidolie C, 2015 Abdelkader Benchamma, Paréidolie C, 2015
  • Sara Naim, Blush, 2016 Sara Naim, Blush, 2016
  • Elham Moaidnia, Temporary Mistress Elham Moaidnia, Temporary Mistress