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ARCOLisboa Inaugurates its First Edition

3 years ago

ARCOmadrid has announced that it will launch a new annual fair in Lisbon, tapping into one of Europe’s liveliest art scenes and connecting it with larger international art circuits.

Called ARCOlisboa, the first edition of the new fair will held May 26–29, in the Fábrica Nacional da Cordoaria, a renovated 18th century maritime equipment factory located in Lisbon’s historic Belém district. Drawing on ARCOmadrid’s extensive experience and vast network of galleries, collectors, artists and art world professionals, ARCOlisboa will consist of approximately 40 galleries, carefully selected by the fair’s organizing committee, and will be structured around the concept of a Featured Artist program, in which participating galleries will focus on establishing dialogues between international artists and their Portuguese counterparts.

Through ARCOlisboa, Portugal’s vibrant art panorama—which is firmly rooted in the country’s unique context, as well as in its cultural and artistic links to numerous other nations in Europe and South America—will be presented in a platform that offers Portugal’s leading and emerging artists an exceptionally high degree of visibility. In keeping with ARCOmadrid’s characteristic approach, ARCOlisboa will also include a number of special programs, including a program for invited collectors.

ARCOmadrid—which will celebrate its 35th anniversary edition in February, and which is the single most visited art fair in the world—has long been established as a key nexus in the international art world, gathering together an unparalleled group of galleries, collectors, artists and art world professionals to the annual Madrid event. In launching ARCOlisboa, the fair aims to take advantage of Portugal’s rebounding economy, a recovery which has been led by a solid real estate market and international investment, as well as by Portugal’s thriving tourism sector.

Opening day (only by invitation)
Wednesday 25 May from 6 p.m.

26-28: / Noon to 8 pm
29: Noon to 6 pm

Avda. da Indias s/n, 1300-342 Lisboa

Carla Ingrasciotta

  • Arco Lisboa, May 26-29 Arco Lisboa, May 26-29
  • Arco Lisboa, May 26-29 Arco Lisboa, May 26-29