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As One: Marina Abramovich in Greece

4 years ago

Neon (Athens) has partnered the Marina Abramović Institute (MAI) for the first time, on a major collaboration of Performance and Immaterial Art in Athens, presenting the program As One at the Benaki Museum , over a period of seven weeks.

The Abramović Method, developed over many years and many iterations, is a public participatory experience for large groups that allows participants to connect to themselves, to the present moment and to each other. It consists of a communal space in which the public is offered a series exercises to engage with and to witness others engaging with. In Athens, the Abramović Method will reach a new and more mature phase of its development, offering an open format for participation and rotating exercises/activities dependent on the needs of the Greek audience and on how the Greek public engages with the work.

The Abramović Method, as part of As One, a NEON and MAI collaboration, will take place on the ground floor of the Benaki Museum, Pireos. As visitors enter the Method, they are requested to deposit personal belongings, such as watches, phones and cameras into a locker. They are then led through a series of warm up, centering exercises, led by trained facilitators, to wake up the senses, stretch the body and center the mind. This preparation will allow participants to focus on being present, still and connected in a fresh and unencumbered way. Throughout the experience, the Greek public will be autonomous in their engagement with the work and will have space to seek and find the things that they need and desire from their time in this unique environment.

Elena Scarpa

  • The Abramovich Method. Courtesy of MAI The Abramovich Method. Courtesy of MAI
  • The Abramovich Method. Courtesy of MAI The Abramovich Method. Courtesy of MAI

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