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Banksy paints Steve Jobs on refugee camp wall

4 years ago

Banksy posted on his website his latest work: a portrait of the late Steve Jobs on a wall in Calais. The caption says “the son of a migrant from Syria”.

The work addresses the current refugee crisis and it’s sprayed on the wall of a camp. Jobs is sees carrying an Apple computer as well as a trash bag to highlight the origins of his father who fled Syria after World War II and arrived in the United States.

The artist also sprayed another drawing in the town center of Calais which represents a version of The Raft of the Medusa (1818) by Gericault with a raft full of migrants trying to get the attention of a passing cruise ship.

The artworks were created after Banksy moved all of the materials from his Dismaland to Calais in order to build shelters for the migrants.

Elena Scarpa

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