#besomebody Global Movement

6 years ago

“We’re bringing together two of the most expressive and accessible forms of human communication – social media and street art. Our content has always been real, raw and personal. We don’t tell people what to do, or how to do it; we just want to make them feel something… Graffiti is the same way. This expedition is so cool because we’re creating lasting emblems of those positive emotions that people can see, touch and feel all over the world.” This is what Kash Shaikh, founder of the movement, says about #Besomebody project.

#Besomebody is the fastest growing Motivational Movement in the world, reaching nearly 3 Million people in over 30 countries every week through some of the most shared motivational content in social media. People all over the world are sharing their passions, promises, and proclamations using the “#besomebody” hashtag. The #besomebody blog – – has become an always‐on destination for real, raw, and deeply personal blog posts, #beCards ™, photos, videos, art and other forms of  human expression.

The movement began as a personal mantra of Founder, Kash Shaikh, who started sharing the “#besomebody” hashtag via social media in 2009 while travelling the globe building some of the world’s biggest brands, businesses and causes. It came to life through the people he met, the stories they shared and the universal truths that connected the two. Over the past four years, #besomebody has grown to an active blog, to a passionate community, to, today, the most diverse and inclusive social media-driven Movement in the world.

This week Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue, the Arts District located in Al Quoz, a home to 20 art galleries, creative studios and private museums, is set to welcome the #besomebody team and artwork, who is working linking the Dubai’s theme to 2020 World Expo, future and imagination.

Riccardo Barluzzi