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“Inside Out” by JR is Travelling to Palermo

9 months ago

In the frame of Sky Arte Festival, JR is taking over Palermo with his travelling installation titled “Inside Out”, a project that is reaching several destinations all over the world since 2011.
The work is made up of over 4 thousand photographic portraits, showcased on an area of 5 thousand square meters in the setting of Piazza del Parlamento and Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo.

The portraits of 250 citizens of Palermo, reworked by JR, will be exhibited together with those of the previous Italian editions, in a single square and in a continuous exchange where the memory intertwines with the future to launch the message “Restiamo Uniti”, aiming that a culture of inclusion is possible, laying the foundations for a society based on reception and integration.

JR – Inside Out Palermo: Restiamo Umani
Piazza del Parlamento

Carla Ingrasciotta

  • JR, Somerset House London, 2013 JR, Somerset House London, 2013

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