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Moscow’s Garage Museum to Set an Exhibition in St. Petersburg

3 years ago

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and “New Holland: Cultural Urbanisation” have joined forces to present the group exhibition, “Experiences of the Imaginary,” which showcases the works of recipients of Garage’s grant program for the support of emerging Russian artists.

Building on its regional program, Garage will open its first exhibition on New Holland Island in St Petersburg. Nine emerging Russian artists – Nikolai Alexeyev, Aslan Gaisumov, Yevgeny Granilshchikov, Ilya Dolgov, Anastasia Kuzmina, Kirill Makarov, Ivan Novikov, Alexandra Sukhareva, and Anna Titova – will give the audience a glimpse of their inner worlds, as they try to define the place of the artist in the contemporary world, through the prism of personal experience and inner feelings.

In the rapidly changing reality, the professional life of artists is bound up in an endless articulation and struggle for representation in virtual space. This is why curator Andrey Misiano decided to draw attention instead to the interior state of the artist and take a closer look at feelings, rather than the strictly analytic or formal elements of the artistic process. At first glance, this approach might seem conservative, taking us back to the classical perception of the artist as the lone genius, slaving away in the quiet of his studio. At times, it may seem like the art of the 20th century has given way to manifestos, political or social critique, or research projects. But despite these external changes, art remains as before, a holistic practice generating space for sensual encounters and the creation of empirical models of knowledge. In the selected works, the artists in this exhibition each consider the phenomenon of interaction between the outer environment and inner feelings


Carla Ingrasciotta

  • Ilya Dolgov Herbarium, 2012–present Ilya Dolgov Herbarium, 2012–present
  • Anastasia Kuzmina Untitled, 2016 Anastasia Kuzmina Untitled, 2016

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