Paris Galleries Night 2014

5 years ago

Parisian galleries welcome FIAC and (OFF)ICIELLE‘s visitors on October 23rd from 6pm to 10pm.

Highlights for that eventing include various exhibitions spread throughout the city: At Yvon Lambert visitors will be welcomed by VAMPYR, a show by American artist Anna Gaskell and Scottish artist Douglas Gordon, Through the combination of their respective works—videos, installations and photographs the two artists provide visitors with a visual and sound dialogue within the gallery’s two exhibition spaces.

Galerie Perrotin presents a selection of works by Laurent Grasso, included in an exhibition titled Soleil Double.It’s the artists first solo show and it displays works that were specially made for the occasion.

At Polaris visitors will be able to see young artists Louis Heilbronn’s photographic works.

La Vitrine hosts a group show titled Chapeaux! Hommage à Robert Filliou. Artists were asked to work around the theme of a hat and for the occasion, micro-sculptor, Willard Wigan, crafted a minuscule bowler for a very unique Art Piece 1.

Donatella Taranto