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Shepard Fairey: We the People Posters Unveiled for Inauguration Day

3 years ago

The American artists Shepard Fairey has unveiled three posters which feature a Muslim woman, a Latina Woman and an African American woman. The series is titled “We the People” and is part of  the homonymous campaign started by the Amplifier Foundation, an organisation described as an “art machine for social change”.
Other artists such as Ernesto Yerena have joined the action which also includes a Kickstarted Campaign.
The action’s objective is to “flood” Washington with symbols of hope on Inauguration Day and Fairey’s designs will be distributed to the people in postcard format.
“We thought (they) were the three groups that had been maybe criticized by Trump and maybe were going to be most, if not necessarily vulnerable in a literal sense, most feeling that their needs would be neglected in a Trump administration,” stated Fairey
At the moment $1,365,105 has been pledged, exceeding greatly the $60,000 goal.
Fairey was born in the USA in 1970, his most iconic works include Obey (1992) and Hope, the poster which became part of Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign in 2008.

Elena Scarpa

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  • We the People We the People