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Skarstedt Gallery and Almine Rech Gallery Announced New London Locations

3 years ago

Skarstedt Gallery and Almine Rech Gallery have announced the opening of new London locations in October 2017.

Skarstedt, which was founded by Per Starstedt in 1994 and has two New York galleries, expanded to London in 2012, while Almine Rech did so in 2014. Almine Rech’s eponymous gallery, which opened in 1997, also has locations in Paris and Brussels.

For Rech, the London expansion is just one of two new outposts she plans to debut come October, while still retaining her current UK location on Savile Row. The dealer is also crossing the Atlantic, to New York’s Upper East Side, to an East 78th Street space designed by architect David Bucovy.

Carla Ingrasciotta

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