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Something I Can Feel

4 years ago

“Something I Can Feel” is an exhibition, part of VOLTA NY 2016‘s programme, of eight contemporary artists who explore the idea of the body as a site of reckoning, transformation and departure. Each artist creates forms which reference the body as transitional and ambiguous in its ties to cultures, and histories as well as forms of longing, intuition and sensation. Another way of saying this is that bodies perform responses to experience. The artwork here examines those visceral dispatches. This exhibition is not intended to tell a single story nor is it tied to a singular idea of truth, to history, to a body, a particular system of knowledge or way of being known.

Instead, curator Derrick Adams is facilitating an important conversation between eight contemporary artists exploring the idea that bodies are sites of tension and provocation. The essential proposition here is that bodies are artifacts of the exchange between memory and flesh. And the artwork at the intersection of this crossing, this evocation, suggests the idea that we, as the performers of experience, can be felt, broken-down, built-up, (mis)understood, lived with, around and in, and, most importantly, made new.


Elena Scarpa

  • Leonardo Benzant © Volta Leonardo Benzant © Volta
  • Andria Morales @ Volta Andria Morales @ Volta