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The Art of the Treasure Hunt

3 years ago

“The Art of the Treasure Hunt” is a journey through Chianti in search of its hidden gems. A result of collaboration between passionate art and wine lovers, this unique project features works by international artists displayed in the finest wineries of the region. Sculptures, installations, photographs and films punctuate the oenological grand tour through sensations. The participants of the hunt travel across the area relishing its aromas, colours and scents.

Their experience oscillates between the old and the new – they contemplate contemporary art in the shadow of ancient cellars while savouring new oil and tasting aging wine. By blending distant temporalities “The Art of the Treasure Hunt” reveals the spirit of the place rather than the spirit of time.

This summer, « Art of the Treasure Hunt » in Tuscany showcases seven outstanding wineries in the Chianti region with great contemporary art.

The journey include artworks by: Anselm Kiefer, Isaac Julian, Mark Handforth, Robert Wilson and more.


Carla Ingrasciotta

  • Edson Chagas, Found Not Taken, 2013 Edson Chagas, Found Not Taken, 2013
  • Pedro Cabrita Reis – 'London Angle' Pedro Cabrita Reis – 'London Angle'
  • Bob Wilson, Bob Wilson, "Traviata" 2016

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