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The International Performance Art Week Comes Back to Venice

3 years ago

The Venice International Performance Art Week, running from 11th December to 17th December, this year comes back with its third edition under the focus of “Fragile Body – Material body“. This is the third chapter of a proper trilogy following the past two editions “Hybrid Body – Poetic Body” and “Ritual Body- Political Body” (2012_2014).

For this edition, the project expects to showcase more than 80 artists from all around the world, some of them presented in collaboration with institution and foundations.

The show features live performances, installations, video screenings, photography and video documentations, as well as talks and meeting with curators, in the beautiful surrounding of Palazzo Mora, where the exhibition is held, and Palazzo Michiel, where the talks are set.

Read more about the performance art week and check out the program.

Giulia Capaccioli

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