Giovanni Ozzola, photo by Martino Margheri. Courtesy of the artist
May 11, 2020

A Room with a View: Giovanni Ozzola on his isolation experience

"A Room with a View" is a new editorial initiative which aims to illuminate the positive and creative potential of time spent in isolation. The tenth contribution comes from Italian artist Giovanni Ozzola
Words by Giovanni Ozzola

Giovanni Ozzola, March 2020 – Random thoughts, is a video contribution. You can watch it via this link


I live on a island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Here the Ocean is called Father. 

This is special moment, it drives us to face our weakness and fears. At the same time, we understand the real values. We all feel closer. It brings us together, it breaks all the boundaries. 

Often I think about my Chinese friends, about what they have gone through. 

Strength to face what we are now experiencing. 

The energy flows. 

With a broken voice I need to sing. What do I really want to share with you? Wind, sun, clouds, air. That feeling of connection when everything finds its own place and turns out. Into balance. 

I really need light. 

When reality becomes a poem. A poem is easier to understand. You just perceive it. Easier to accept. And then only space for harmony. 

The voyage neither begins nor ends. We are inside it. Resting. On a boat moving “into the dazzling light” of another day beginning or dying away. We become indistinct in the great light and no longer alone. 

Everything is in the wind for ages
hence in one sole path
the same wind
in an infinite message
towards the ocean. 

Giovanni Ozzola, March 2020, Random Thoughts, (video still). Courtesy of the artist
Giovanni Ozzola, March 2020, Random Thoughts, (video still). Courtesy of the artist
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