Nino Cais portrayed in his house. Courtesy of the artist
May 21, 2020

A Room with a View: Nino Cais on his isolation experience

"A Room with a View" is a new editorial initiative which aims to illuminate the positive and creative potential of time spent in isolation. The twelfth contribution comes from Brazilian artist Nino Cais
Words by Nino Cais

Dear My Art Guides readers,


I have been inside the same space for two months surrounded by objects that I have grown a certain affection towards, it is as if my partner (Daniel) and I are living on an island. The impression I have is that everything around us does not exist. It is pure fiction. And from this island we contemplate the stars and the moon. It seems that the only living external being is a sound of aluminum hitting another material, always around 8:30 am. There is a moment when I find myself repeating this sound to remember or place myself in time, almost like a clock…
And from this island I observe, I keep dreaming. I have started admiring all the books in the house, as if each one of them transported me into a trip. I was never an avid reader, I’ve always been more into images. Perhaps it is something about my nature. I learned to love images and it was for them and with them that I dedicated myself to writing poems with things and pieces of papers/books. Almost a language of its own. It took me a long time to love my ‘language’, but today I salivate when I speak of it with flavour. From this isolated land only a luminous object awakens me outside, it seems to always announce a tragedy and with this same object I spend my time communicating with friends with whom I have celebrated so much in life and longing for the return of physical contact, hug and encounter.
While I wait for a boat, a canoe to get us out of the same place, I stand, poring over the books and from there I watch and rewatch history repeating itself, and with an impossible desire I believe I can change this history, so I start to create in an attempt to caress my own dream. This craft-like process that we call art work rocks me like a child and provides perspective of life ahead. It seems that soon I will open that same old door and launch myself into the world again.


Note: This text is intended to sweeten our reality, in front of a world completely over taken by Covid 19 and with an absolutely irresponsible Brazilian government. I am working here from my dining room table and I can only hope and fight for a better tomorrow.


May 2020, Courtesy of the artist
May 2020, Courtesy of the artist
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