Francesco Simeti, D Distanza, 2020. Courtesy of the artist
April 26, 2020

#iohocuradite art fundraising project for Palermo

A Palermo based fundraising project, to help those most in need. A new vocabulary via the reflection of 26 words by 26 different artists.

#iohocuradite is a Palermo based fundraising project, to help those most in need. By imagining a new beginning its scope is to seek out new definitions and in turn create a new vocabulary via the reflection of 26 words by 26 different artists. Creating a process of dialogue and reflection upon the collective experience we are all living through, where the power of language becomes a tool for confrontation yet simultaneously of resistance.

Participating artists include:

Per Barclay ASSENZA (absence) / Masbedo BISOGNO (need) / Stefano Arienti CURA (care) / Francesco Simeti DISTANZA (distance) / Luca Vitone EMERGENZA (emergency) / Michal Rovner FRAGILITA’ (fragility) / Eva Marisaldi GRATITUDINE (gratitude) / Loredana Longo HOTEL / Stefania Galegati INVISIBILITÀ (invisibility) / Renato Leotta JOGGING / Francesco Arena KILOMETRI (kilometers) / Benedetto Pietromarchi LIBERTÀ (freedom) / Alfredo Pirri MUTAZIONE (mutation) / Liliana Moro NESSUNO (nobody) / Domenico Mangano e Marieke Van Rooy OSSIGENO (oxygen) / AVAF PAURA (fear) / Concetta Modica QUOTIDIANO (daily) / Driant Zeneli RESPONSABILITÀ (responsability) / Alfredo Jaar SPERANZA (hope) / Gili Lavy TERRA (earth)/ Ignazio Mortellaro URGENZA (urgency)/ Francesco De Grandi VIRALE (viral) / Luca Trevisani WEEK- END / Bianco-Valente XENOFOBIA (xenophobia) / Gelitin YO-YO / Salvatore Arancio ZOOM

The works received so far can be viewed on the virtual gallery on the @iohocuradite Instagram page and can be purchased via a free bid based on a minimum price. Contribute to the fundraising project, book your favorite artwork writing an email to

#iohocuradite has called for the support of a selected group of artists who have spent time in Palermo in recent years, contributing with their work and leaving an indelible trace on the cultural fabric of the city. These artists have contributed, once again, with both their art and their generosity.

The network presents itself as virtual gallery, an exhibition where the viewer is able to purchase artwork at a special price, the proceeds will be entirely donated to two charities* operating in Palermo, from which the donor is able to choose.

#iohocuradite is a project of solidarity in the name of the needs of the other, for the ignored people on the margins of society who have been further weakened by the Covid-19 emergency, especially those without access to state aid.

#iohocuradite is a gesture of love, care and attention, providing concrete help with the primary and essential element of food and nutrition, a contribution to the well-being and dignity of all. We are convinced that this an opportunity to significantly help those that feel alone, useless, forgotten and ignored. It is an invitation for generosity and support.

The idea of #iohocuradite came about thanks to Lorenzo Barbera, Ignazio Mortellaro and Agata Polizzi, with the desire to stimulate reflection on issues such as care, love, wealth and poverty, fear and authority, solitude and old age and the sense of community and solidarity.


Liliana Moro, Nessuno, 2020. Courtesy of the artist
Loredana Longo, Hotel, 2020. Courtesy of the artist

Charities Bank Acconts / IBAN
Gli Angeli della Notte ONLUS
Banca Don Rizzo Credito Cooperativo della Sicilia IT 20Q 0894604601000009497105
Comunità di Sant’Egidio Palermo ONLUS
IT 18W 0200816530000102895188


Idea and Coordination
Lorenzo Barbera, Ignazio Mortellaro and Agata Polizzi

In Benefit of
Community of Sant’Egidio Palermo Onlus
Gli Angeli della Notte Onlus

Curated by
Agata Polizzi

With the Friends
Valentina Bruschi
Paolo Falcone
Beatrice Merz
Francesco Pantaleone
Giorgio Persano
Mara Sartore

Production Assistant
Giulia Monroy

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