Art cluster

Les Frigos

19 Rue des Frigos, 75013

Architects, Ceramists, Comedians, Costumers, Web designers, Decorators, Art directors, Designers, Press editors, New materials company, Piano maker, Art gallery, Graphic designers, Sound engineers, Lithographers, Musicians, Painters, Photographers, Photo libraries, Plastic artists, Potters, Radio, Film makers, Scenographers, Sculptors, Stylist, Theatre, Glass maker, Videographer, Webmaster…

At Les Frigos, it is the richness of expression that dominates, and the list of professions shows that through its activities, the place, open to a great many professions, does not encourage segregation, and offers a broader definition of culture, and an image of art that is more akin to the idea of it in the Renaissance than in the quotation rooms.

Contacts & Details


Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm

T: +33 1 45 70 94 94
W: Les Frigos

19 Rue des Frigos, 75013

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