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Teatro de Contêiner Mungunzá

Born in 2016 from a partnership with the city of São Paulo, the theatre have revitalized a public”urban gap” for cultural and educative purposes

Teatro de Contêiner Mungunzá arises from the need of the theatre company The Cia. Mungunzá de Teatro to find a place to host their activities. Through a partnership with the municipality, an empty urban space, with a huge socio-cultural potential that was kept locked without a plausible purpose, has been recuperated to implement artistic and educational activities.

The area has been furnished with eleven containers, that now host the operations of a wide range of artistic performances (shows, presentations, spectacles, open-air cinema, etc), educative and sportive.

The aim of the company, active since 2008 and composed by a mix of artists using different languages, is to gather people, exercising a process of democratization and revitalization of a public space.

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T: +55 11 97632 7852
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Rua dos Gusmões, 43, Santa Ifigenia