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The Mix Place

Contemporary Mixed Experimental Lifestyle Space inChina

Located on Hengshan road, formerly known as Avenue Petain, a street in the former French Concession area of Shanghai, China. Hengshan road is famous for European style architecture and the city’s oldest bar street. In such an area full of cultural and historic footage, The Mix Place converted four old mansions from the 30s into experimental spaces, showcasing China contemporary lifestyle.
As the pioneer of mixed experimental space, The Mix Place is a brand new form of lifestyle themes bookstore, a contemporary gentlemen store, a fashion-forward boutique buyer store, and a premier couture store.
The Mix Place is about the metropolis city, the lifestyle, and its people that resident in. It converges reading, fashion, writing, music, film, and art, providing its unique customers a unique experiences as well as creative inspirations.
The ‘Mix’ in the name refers to The Mix Place’s ideology of mixing culture and art into lifestyle, while ‘PLACE’ stands for:P-Philosophy, L-Lifestyle,A-Art, C-Culture, E-Edition.
The Mix Place consists of 4 independent newly designed and refurbished buildings: Dr. White, Mr. Blue, My Black Attitude, The Red Couture. Each building focuses on different aspects of life, contribute its own understandings on contemporary lifestyle: Dr. White, The Dream Bookstore & Magazine Mall;Mr. Blue, The Powerhouse for Gentlemen;  My BlackAttitude, TheFuture Look of Lifestyle;The Red Couture, A Beautiful Road to Chinese Original FashionDesign.

Dr.White: 880 Hengshan Road, Shanghai
Mr.Blue: 326 Tianping Road, Shanghai
My Black Attitude: No 4, Lane 890 Heng Shan Road, Shanghai
The Red Couture: No 8, Lane 890 Heng Shan Road, Shanghai

Contacts & Details
mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 10:30 am – 10:00 pm

T: +86 21 5424 0100

Dr.White: 880 Hengshan Road; Mr.Blue: 326 Tianping Road; My Black Attitude: No 4, Lane 890 Heng Shan Road; The Red Couture: No 8, Lane 890 Heng Shan Road