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Combinatul Fondului Plastic

Hub of 50 artist studios

Combinatul Fondului Plastic was built by the Artists Union in 1966 – 1972 as a plant, a group of multi-functional buildings, where artworks of different mediums could be produced. In 1972, a unit at the “Combinatul Fondului Plastic” started to produce paint for artists. Nowadays, a factory producing materials for artists still functions at “Combinatul Fondului Plastic”, but many of the spaces were reconverted into artist studios. Artists, from various generations, have responded to the lack of artist studio spaces available in the city center, and moved to the industrial premises, offering the necessary space for the production of sculpture, objects and experimental art.

“Combinatul Fondului Plastic” Artist Studios – Hub of 50 artist studios, among them: Aurel Vlad, Marian Zidaru, Victoria Zidaru, Mircea Roman, Darie Dup, Reka Csapo, Titi Ceara, Cristian Răduță, Alexandru Niculescu, Dumitru Passima, Simona Tănăsescu a.o.

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T: Alexandru Niculescu +40745 624 526
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