Artists Studios

Pangratti Artist Studios

Hub of 32 artist studios

The Artist Union created during communist time a series of artist studios in Pangratti street. The buildings, especially designed to serve as artist studios, have generous spaces, well lit, offering some of the best artist studio spaces in Bucharest. They are usually assigned to the most respected artists, members of the Artist Union.

Pangratti Artist Studios – Hub of 32 artist studios, among whom: Henry Mavrodin, Vladimir Șetran, Gheorghe Anghel, Marin Gherasim, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Vladimir Zamfirescu, Silvia Radu, Florin Codre, Neculai Păduraru, Ariana Nicodim a.o.

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T: Petru Lucaci +40723 648 623
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