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Located in the former Haggenmacher brewery, where beer was brewed until the late 30’s, the AQB creates today a different sort of creative blend, being a cultural melting pot, a centre of creativity for artists from Hungary and abroad. This venue enables painters, sculptors and all forms of artists and cultural craftsmen from different countries, to share, to develop, to engage in cross cultural creativity with local, Hungarian peers in order to broaden both professional and personal horizons and deepen their experience and perspective.

The Art Quarter Budapest is meant to become a cross-cultural space of art in which international creatives of different artistic styles will encounter peers from Hungary and through this exchange be able to broaden both their professional and personal experiences and horizons.
Foreign artists will be given a totally new environment for both working and living and with that, the opportunity to make important contacts and present their work on site in the local cultural scene. On the other side, Hungarian artists, and members of the Budapest’s cultural life will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate directly with international artists. An opportunity to build long-term sustainable cultural relations at the international level will arise.
This will be achieved through distribution of our 21 workshops, in a 50-50 ratio among Hungarian and foreign artists.

Through the creation and presentation of their work, both international and local artists jointly create a transdisciplinary location for discussion, which will form a platform for artists of all stripes.

In the medium term the AQB will enter into a dialogue with other international institutions of the same kind, with the aim to enable a mutual exchange and enrich the work of both local and international artists both on the local and international level.

The AQB will so become part of an international network, which represents the Hungarian cultural scene across countries as well as the integration of international artists into local Hungarian cultural life.

All participating artists will have the opportunity to present their work to a wider audience in exhibitions in the house and on regularly scheduled open studio days.

Contacts & Details
T: +36 70 455 4040
W: Art Quarter Budapest – AQB

Nagytétényi út 48-50

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