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Azoto Studio Palermo

Via Enrico Albanese 108

Azoto is a collective studio based in the heart of Palermo. It is home of multiple realities, from a design and photography studio, to a letterpress and silkscreen printing laboratory, to a calligraphy atelier. Each one of these realities, while retaining its own identity, works together with the others at multiple projects with the shared aim to create a network. The artists at Azoto include Francesco Costantino (painting) Fausto Bringantino (photography) Armando Sorge (sound design) Claudia Lala (architecture)Tomo Studio by Federico Lupo and Giuseppe Mistretta (silkscreen and letterpress) Lino Ganci (calligraphy).

Contacts & Details
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T: +39 320 7588225
W: Azoto Studio Palermo

Via Enrico Albanese 108

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