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Daniele Franzella Studio

vicolo del Lombardo, 4

Daniele Franzella opens the doors to his studio in Palermo. The artists touches on memory and individual and collective identities and the symbols which define them.

At the base of his research there is the attempt to decode these symbols aimed at creating new codes through which to re-read and reinterpret identity and memory. Concrete, latex, terracotta, digital frescoes are some of the materials and techniques that, like a game of reversals and paradoxes, dig into the value of objects (and subjects), making every symbolic order fall away, deactivating its functions. Franzella’s works do not ask the user to draw on worlds known to him to give him the thrill of a déjà-vu or of a vision of an event already lived. They are jàmais-vu, fragments that act as patterns for observing our present from a timeless perspective.

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T: +39 3477363796

vicolo del Lombardo, 4
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