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Desideria Burgio Studio

via nicolò gallo n9

Artist Photographer / Artisan, Desideria Burgio‘s main project is the Re-enchanting Souvenir. Re-enchantment means a second chance to be enchanted by the symbolic places of the cities, which are no longer just the great monuments of the past, but also the places of relationships, work, culture and social encounter, spread in the city from the center to the suburbs. Objects “urban souvenirs” are symbols of re-enchantment and above all because, as “small and manageable”, lends itself working on identity again and to restore the link between the material product and the city. Desideria’s work available at Gam museum bookshop and Palazzo Branciforte giftshop.

Contacts & Details
T: +39 3487423223
W: Desideria Burgio Studio

via nicolò gallo n9

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