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Genuardi/Ruta Studio

Genuardi/Ruta is an artistic duo composed by Antonella Genuardi (Sciacca, 1986) and Leonardo Ruta (Ragusa, 1990), working together as a single entity. Their artistic researches perfectly fit with each other, compensating the colour of one with the tension of gestures and mark-making of the other. They contaminate architecture with the intrusion of nature and painting, balancing the structural geometry of reality and its infinite potentialities.
Genuardi/Ruta Studio is located inside Briuccia Palace in Piazza Castelnuovo 50. A place where they plan and realise their works, but also for meeting and discussion between artists, occasionally functioning as an exhibition space.

Contacts & Details
sun, mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat

T: +39 3287615516
W: Genuardi/Ruta Studio

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