Cultural Institutions

Fondazione Pistoia Musei

Via de’ Rossi 26, Pistoia, Italy

Four different locations – Palazzo de’ Rossi, Palazzo Buontalenti, Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi and San Salvatore – in the heart of historic Pistoia constitute museum network of the Fondazione Pistoia Musei, promoted by the Fondazione Caript and operated by the instrumental company Pistoia Eventi Culturali. Its mission is to narrate the story of Pistoia from its origins through to its contribution to 20th-century visual culture, with a wide-ranging exhibition programme privileging modern and contemporary art. This important project follows the beneficial effects of Pistoia’s nomination in 2017 as Italian Capital of Culture.

Contacts & Details
T: +39 0573 974267
W: Fondazione Pistoia Musei

Via de’ Rossi 26, Pistoia, Italy

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