Depart Foundation Rome

Since its establishment in 2008 it has served as a catalyst for the Italian art community and has strengthened the dialogue between Italy and and the international art scene.

Depart Foundation is an emerging arts organization predicated on the Discussion, Exhibition, and Production of Art and dedicated to the development and support of contemporary artists whose work and careers are departing from their previous endeavors or predecessors. Multiple outposts in Europe and US are catalysts for activating cultural communities through sponsorship of young and established artists, provisions of spaces and resources conductive to arts production and exhibition, and educational and public programs.

The foundation has exhibited for the first time in Rome works of some of the most interesting and dynamic artists of our time: Cory Arcangel, Joe Bradley, Nata Lowman, Ryan Mc Ginley, Tauba Auerbach, Darren Bader, Louis Eisner, Roe Ethridge, Sam Falls, Mark Flood, Elias Hansen, Brendan Lynch, Oscar Murillo, Sarah Braman, Seth Price, Jon Rafman, Stephen G. Rhodes, Amanda Ross-Ho, Sterling Ruby, Lucien Smith, Valerie Snobeck, Frances Stark, Oscar Tuazon, Cao Fei, Mario Garcia Torres and many others.

The foundation also supports the local art scene and shown local artists in cities as far as New York and Los Angeles, and they have collaborated with important art institutions in italy and beyond: the Macro and MAXXI museums in Rome, the American Academy in Rome, the Serpentine Gallery in London and the Hammer museum in LA just to name a few.

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