Art Encounters

The Art Encounters Foundation is an independent cultural institution, which was set up in 2015 by Ovidiu Șandor, an art collector actively involved in the contemporary art scene in Romania, member of The Russian and Eastern European Art Acquisitions Committee of the Tate Modern Museum, London.

City Business Centre, building A Coriolan Brediceanu 10

The projects of The Art Encounters Foundation are predominantly aiming at ensuring support for the development of the contemporary art scene in Romania. In the present cultural context, the programs initiated by The Art Encounters Foundation intend to play a role in consolidating the position of the art scene, by supporting and encouraging art, promoting the artistic production, through encouraging various participatory artistic practices, the development of new forms of artistic expression, the organizing of exhibitions, the publication of books and albums of contemporary art, but also by supporting key institutions of art and culture.

Referring to present and to every-day reality, The Art Encounters Foundation aspires to activate both locally, nationally as well as internationally. The foundation operates as a flexible structure, by mediating a new status of contemporary culture through a constant dialogue between artists and their public. It supports cultural diversity through promoting some of the most valuable Romanian contemporary artists, but also by encouraging and sustaining young initiatives.

Contacts & Details
T: +40 256 491 042
W: Art Encounters

City Business Centre, building A Coriolan Brediceanu 10

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