Galerie Paris-Beijing, Beijing

Founded in 2006 in Beijing by Flore and Romain Degoul, the gallery is based in Paris, Brussels and Beijing.

#3 Qianyongkang Alley 5, Beixinqiao Santiao, Dongcheng

Founded in 2006 in Beijing by Flore and Romain Degoul, Galerie Paris-Beijing is dedicated to represent emerging and established artists within two main artistic focuses which are contemporary photography and more generally, the asian art scene.

Devoted to initiate a dialogue and create a bridge between the east and the west, the gallery sets up a demanding programmation based on the discovery and international promotion of a new generation of asian artists whose original and conceptual creativityassociates aesthetic considerations with technical mastery.

Passionate and vibrant, Galerie Paris-Beijing offers its artists three exhibition spaces in Paris, Beijing and more recently Brussels with a total surface up to a thousand square meters.

The gallery particularly supports rising artists with the ultimate goal to make them parts of important art collections; this is why, in addition to local exposure, Galerie Paris-Beijing publishes art books and catalogues on their behalf, as well as presenting them in the foremost international photography festivals and art fairs. At the same time, the gallery develops a residency programme in its Beijing space intented for young western artists looking for an immersion in the Chinese art scene.

Ultimately, the gallery bears witness to the richness of China’s contemporary photography creation through its collection, and is pleased to offer its expertise to new as well as established collectors.

The gallery has three venues: Paris, Brussels and Beijing.

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#3 Qianyongkang Alley 5, Beixinqiao Santiao, Dongcheng